Please welcome your dedicated Contortion instructor at the Australian Pole Festival! Anastasia Ivleva is a Brisbane-based pole and contortion coach, who is running weekly sold-out sessions at Hanger 66. Having no dance or gymnastics background, Anastasia has started to work on her flexibility aged 24 and has coached hundreds of adults through their journey over the last six years.

She is a prolific pole competitor and you might have spotted her at any of the following events:

She is also passionate about contributing to the pole industry, having judged, organised and promoted a number of national and international events, such as:

You can follow her bendy adventures on Instagram – @anastasia_splits.

In her workshops, you will work towards specific contortion skills (such as splits, needle, scorpion, chin stands etc.) and will learn about the muscle groups required to achieve those goals. Contortion is more fun (and safer!) with a partner, so make sure you sign up with a friend.



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