Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

1.FFA PaySmart (Debit User) will debit the bank account / credit card nominated in the Schedule of this
Direct Debit Request as specified. The Debit User may, by prior arrangement and advice to me/us vary
the amount or frequency of future debits.
2.Should the original terms & conditions of this authority need to be varied a minimum of fourteen days
notice will be provided by the business to you. Queries arising as a result of any such variation must be
notified to FFA PaySmart two working days prior to the debit date the variation would apply.
3.Deferment or alteration (written or verbal) by the customer to the debiting schedule will be considered
subject to the terms and conditions of any agreement between you and the business named overleaf for
whom FFA PaySmart (Debit User) acts on behalf of.
4.If a debit item is disputed FFA PaySmart (Debit User) or your Financial Institution must be notified
immediately. FFA PaySmart will endeavour to resolve this matter within Industry agreed time frames.
Disputed debit items resolved in favour of FFA PaySmart will incur an administration fee.
5.Direct debiting through BECS is not available on all accounts. You are advised to check your account
details against a recent statement from your financial institution. If uncertain, you should check with your
financial institution before completing the DDR.
6.When a debit day falls on a weekend and/or a national public holiday all debits for that weekend or national
public holiday will be processed on the PREVIOUS WORKING DAY. If unsure, you should contact FFA
PaySmart (Debit User).
7.FFA PaySmart may, under certain provisions of the “Privacy Act 1988” give information about you to a
credit reporting agency. This information will be limited to repayments which are overdue pursuant to the
terms and conditions of any contractual agreement between you and the business named overleaf and for
which debt collection has started.
8.It is your responsibility to ensure cleared funds are available in your nominated bank account/credit card
to meet the direct debit payment. If a debit is returned unpaid by your financial institution, you will be
responsible for payment of the debit plus an additional $15.00 for return fees and administrative costs
incurred by FFA PaySmart (Debit User). If FFA PaySmart (Debit User) has not received instruction to
the contrary from you, we will debit both the next due payment and any overdue amounts on your next
scheduled debit date.
9.This authority shall stand pursuant to the terms and conditions of any contractual agreement between you
and business named overleaf. The administration only of this authority is conducted by FFA PaySmart (Debit
User) acting as a billing agent for the business. The services provided by FFA PaySmart are administrative
only and do not extend to the provision of any services or benefits provided by the business / centre. This
authority shall be interpreted and enforced pursuant to the laws of the state of Queensland.
10.To stop or cancel a direct debit it is recommended that you contact the business named overleaf in the
first instance. The terms and conditions or any agreement between you and the business for whom FFA
PaySmart (Debit User) acts on behalf of must be complied with. However, if a dispute occurs between you
and the business all enquiries regarding a stop or cancellation of a direct debit should be directed to either
FFA PaySmart (Debit User) or your own financial institution.
11.Collected funds are held in trust until disbursement. In event of fraud where FFA PaySmart is not at fault,
FFA Paysmart will be free of any legal liability.
12.No account records or account details will be disclosed to any person or persons except where such
information is required in connection with any claim relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.
13. All enquiries in relation to refunds must be directed to the Australian Pole Festival Pty Ltd.

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