Where will the workshops be held?

All workshops will be held at Circus Arts Byron Bay, 17 Centennial Cct, Arts & Industry Park, Byron Bay NSW

Accommodation is at Elements of Byron, 144 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay NSW!

Are flights included in the package? Which airport do I use?

Flights are not included in the packages- you need to purchase these yourself. The nearest airport is Gold Coast (OOL) Coolangatta Airport which is 50 minutes from Byron Bay.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email when I registered, what do I do?

Firstly, please check your Spam or Junk folders in your email account. Be sure to add us to your contact list to avoid this happening in the future!

If you have still not received your confirmation email, please send us an email with: Your full name, the date you registered to admin@polefestival.com.au.

We will reply to you within 2 business days, please be patient 🙂

One of my payments declined and I received a message from Paysmart. How do I fix this?

Naughty naughty! Please contact Paysmart to find out when your next payment will be deducted. Please note that Paysmart pay attempt to take the failed payment in the next day or two after the payment was due, so make sure you contact them ASAP to avoid being charged unnecessary fees and charges.

Any further issues, please email us with your full name and details of the issue at admin@polefestival.com.au

When do Pole Festival registrations close?

We will continue to take full payments for Pole Fest until all packages are sold out. All payment plans are administered using FFA Paysmart- we do not allow people to make their own payment plans by direct bank transfer for this event. This is to keep things running smoothly. Thanks for your understanding.

Please keep an eye on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AustralianPoleFestival or your email inbox for all details.

Will you tell us when registrations are getting close to sold out?

For sure! Please keep an eye on the Facebook page and we will keep you well informed on all things Pole Fest!

Workshops & Event Information:

Are the workshops split into levels of ability?

Yes, they are split into ability levels. You will receive an email asking you for this information closer to the event.

When does the itinerary and workshop schedule come out?

The itinerary and workshop schedule will be emailed out a few weeks before Pole Fest. But don’t worry…each and every single person will get to attend all workshops.

What do I need to bring to the Pole Festival?

We will email you closer to the event with heaps of details, including what you should bring to Pole Fest.

Can I do private lessons at the Pole Festival?

Yes for sure! These will be released on our website for pre-purchase, so keep an eye out.


The Hotel:

Which nights does the Delux Accommodation Package Cover?

Your accommodation is for Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th night.

Where is our Accommodation Located?

You will be staying at Elements of Byron,144 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay NSW. Elements of Byron is a 5 Star luxury hotel. More info can be found here 

Can I choose who I room with at Pole Festival?

Sure! We will ask you to select your room buddy closer to the event. If you don’t know who you will room with, or don’t know anyone else going to Pole Fest (erhem, maybe it is time to get some new friends!) then don’t stress, we will allocate you with a cool new pole buddy to room with. The reason we are waiting until closer to the event to ask for your roommate is because things can change so much in a few months time, and this saves us chasing up changes and things. This will make the registration process much smoother for you as well.

Can I change my room once it has been allocated?

We are spending lots of time making sure that Pole Fest is the most epic pole weekend away you have ever and will ever have! So unless there is a major issue (catastrophic friendship/ relationship bust-up, severe injury, illness etc) then please just stick with the roomie we have allocated you to (which in most cases will be the one you have chosen yourself) and don’t fret! You are going to have an awesome time! The room is just for sleeping in after all!

I have special dietary requirements, will there be food that caters to this?

Sure! We will ask you for this important information closer to the event. All dietary needs can be catered for.

What facilities are available at Elements of Byron?

The resort is fantastic! It has a gorgeous pool beside the restaurant and all rooms have a balcony. Check out our amazing hotel here.

What time can I check in to the hotel?

Hotel check-in commences at 12pm on  Thursday 13th October. Please meet at the Pole Festival Meet & Greet table in the lobby where we will register your arrival and give you your goodie bag and information pack. We will announce further details closer to the event.


What can I buy from the markets?

Great question! But more to the point…what can’t you buy from the Pole Fest markets???

Firstly there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase merch from your instructors…no rushing to grab hotpants in between workshops, the stalls will be set up and staffed for the weekend so you can shop when it suits you.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for stall holders, but you expect to be able to buy whatever your little pole-loving-heart desires, including shoes, grip aid, clothes, costumes, stickers, DVD’s, posters and more!

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