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The following workshops come with Lunch and are held at Level 1, Sofitel Broadbeach, 80 Surf Parade Broadbeach.

$350 for the 4 Workshops

PS: (P) = Pole Workshop (NP) = Non Pole Workshop

I am confident with inverts and leg hangs. I am working on Aerial Inverts

CHOICE 1 – 3 Spaces

8:30am Suwasit – Technique & Transitions (P)
9:40am Jamilla Deville – Tease Please (NP)
12:00noon Jordan Hensley – Succubus Training (P)
2:20pm Brandon Grimm – Floor Flips & Twists (NP)

CHOICE 2 – 3 Spaces

8:30am Miss filly – Acro Dance (NP)
9:40am Samantha Star – Ninja Apprentice (P)
1:10pm Jordan Hensley – Break the Sound Barrier (NP)
2:20pm Brandon Grimm – Pole Trix (P)

CHOICE 3 – 3 Spaces

9:00am Samantha Star – Flexibiliity for Fluidity (NP)
10:10am Jamilla Deville – Go with the Flow (P)
12:30pm Suwasit Floor F*ckery (NP)
1:40pm Miss Filly Signature Tricks (P)

CHOICE 4 – 4 Spaces

9:40am Jordan Hensley – Succubus Training (P)
10:50am Jamilla Deville – Tease Please (NP)
1:10pm Miss Filly – Signature Tricks
2:20pm Samantha Star – Flexibility for Fluidity

CHOICE 5 – 4 Spaces

8:30am Suwasit – Technique & Transitions (P)
10:50am Brandon Grimm – Floor Flips & Twists (NP)
12:00noon Brandon Grimm – Pole Trix (P)
2:20pm Jordan Hensley – Break the Sound Barrier (NP)

CHOICE 6 – 4 Spaces

9:00am Jamilla Deville – Go with the Flow (P)
10:10am Miss Filly – Acro Dance (NP)
12:30pm Samantha Star – Ninja Star (P)
1:40pm Suwasit – Floor F*ckery (NP)

I compete at a professional level or advanced instructors with many years

CHOICE 7 -5 Spaces

8:30am Jamilla Deville – Signature Moves (P)
9:40am Miss Filly – Acro Dance (NP)
12:00noon Suwasit – Floor F*ckery (NP)
1:10pm Jordan Hensley – Succubus Training (P)

CHOICE 8 – 3 Spaces

9:40am Brandon Grimm – Floor Flips & Twists – (NP)
10:50 Miss Filly – Signature Tricks (P)
1:10pm Suwasit – Pole Dance Pro (P)
2:20pm Samantha Star – Flexibility for Fluidity (NP)

CHOICE 9 – 3 Spaces

9:00am Jordan Hensley – Break the Sound Barrier (NP)
11:20am Brandon Grimm – Pole Trix (P)
1:40pm Samantha Star – Ninja Tricks (P)
2:50pm Jamilla Deville – Tease Please (NP)


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Ninja Apprentice – Groups 1 & 2

Wax on, wax off… Before you can get to big power moves, you have to start with your base and building blocks. This workshop will show you where to start when building up strength to achieve those big power moves! I’ll give a few tips on things you can even do at home, so you can get stronger faster!

Ninja Master Group 3 & 4

Once you have strengthened your base and building blocks you will be ready to start adding power moves to your repertoire. We will be dissecting Shoulder Mount, Ayesha, Brass Monkey, Flags and a few other moves to basic conditioning exercises. After perfecting all of the individual elements, we’ll work on piecing them back together to achieve a stronger, controlled, and more engaging power move.

Ninja Tricks – Group 5

Achievement unlocked… Pole Ninja. This workshop is all about tricks, spins and some of my favorite combos.  Fonji, jade split switches, aerial handspring climbs, regular and cup grip phoenix, handstand variations and more!


Flexibility For Fluidity – All Groups

At some point, you will notice you are having a hard time transitioning between movements, not because of lack of strength, but due to a lack of flexibility. In this workshop, we will be doing a variety  of stretches and exercises that will help you achieve the flexibility you will need to get in and out of a variety positions both on the floor and on the pole.



Unlocking the Secrets of Flight: Pole tricks class

Fundamentals of spins – Groups 1 – 4

Starting with a dance based warmup and core workout, we quickly move into, what I like to call, Fundamentals of spins. There is a technique to everything in this class and it’s all about how to use as little physical effort as possible while achieving the greatest spins. 

We move from basic 101 spins like step arounds and Fireman spins, to more complicated One arm dislocated (candy cane) flying spins. I then like to transition these spins from static into spin pole

variations.  This class can be very basic, or very advanced, depending on the level of the students.

Pole Tricks and Transitions – Group 5

In this class I like to teach some of my personal favorite moves from some of my Routines; some variations, some originals. Class can be done in Static, spin, or both if time allots. Students must be proficient with both inside and outside leg hangs on both sides as well as handsprings, or at least a basic understanding or willingness to try.


Floor Flips and Twists: Transitional Ground Acrobatics for Polers – All Groups

This workshop can be as beginner level or as advanced as needed. Comfortable clothes Suggested.This workshop will start with a modern dance based warmup, loosening up joints and getting dancers comfortable with the floor. We will start by exploring different types of ground rolls to avoid hard knocks and landings. Dancers will learn different movement styles pulling inspiration from contemporary/ modern dance, capoeira, break dancing, and gymnastics. We will learn moves stationary and take movement across the floor as well as on and off the pole.



Succubus Training – All Groups

Stage Presence Method, Seduction and Writhing Satisfaction.

A Succubus is a mythological female ‘demon’ that seduces her victims through her sensuality to feed her own power. In this workshop we will learn to harness our inner demons and dark sensuality to feed the confidence it takes to be Sexy. Bring Heels, something to take off(oversized shirt, skirt, robe), and an open mind. Learn something about yourself you’ll never want to forget.


Break the Sound Barrier – All Groups

Heel Clacks, Floor Work and Sexy Pole Tricks. – Must Wear Heels for this class

Looking for more attention? Demand it from your audience in this class. Making your heels work hard, Break the Sound Barrier adds a BANG to your movement by teaching you the best heel clacks in the business. If you love your high heels and you want to add the best ‘attention- grabbing’ moves to your flow, this is the workshop you need. Remember; the Higher the heel, the Louder the clack!

NOTE: Do not wear your cutest, diamond encrusted heels. This is a down and dirty heels kind of class.



Signature Tricks Workshop – Spin Pole  – All Groups

Students of this workshop will learn how to build impressive, beautiful and powerful inverted sequences and learn a few of Filly’s favourite and signature tricks and combos.  

Learn how to condition your body to get the most out of your strength and flexibility while having fun upside down! This workshop will explore dancing with bare feet as well as the technique required for dancing in stilettos, showing you how to get the most out of both styles.  


Acro Dance



Signature Moves – Groups 3 – 5

Learn the secrets to Jamilla’s signature  moves. Strength and flexibility are obvious factors, but balance, focus and body awareness are equally as important in attaining spectacular, extended, seemingly effortless positions on the pole. Explore trademark moves such as the Russian Splits, the Deville (Jade Splits), the Serpentine and Shoulder Mount Splits (Ever heard of the Flipped Out Jamilla?!), along with a variety  of graceful transitions into and out of each one. 

Go with the Flow – Groups 1 & 2

Explore the essentials of pole technique through a variety of moves, with an emphasis on graceful, dynamic movement rather than pure difficulty. “Having a trick” is so much more than just holding a static position. Train your body to move with grace and lightness.


Tease Please – All Groups

Chair Dance. Rocks. Your. Socks. Off. And it’ll tease their socks off too. Blow your audience’s minds with a risqué routine using just a chair and the power of your own body. Shoes recommended, along with long socks or leg warmers for knee protection.



Pole Dance Pro – Group 5
In this master class the Artists will be polishing their lines, improving their skills, and creating transitions that flow like water. Preparing for performances and/or competitions is demanding and fun. Take your routine to the next level with this workshop! 


Floor F*ckery
In this workshop you will learn sexy low flow floorplay, sassy strut, exotic choreography and filthy floor f*ckery! Artists are encouraged to embrace their sexuality, femininity and to be confident in expressing themselves in a sensual way. **To maximize the climax (of the class) artists are highly encouraged to bring kneepads & heels.  

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