Day Passes

All Workshops will be held at Circus Arts, 17 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay NSW 2481

$350 for the 4 Workshops. Passes must be purchased from here and workshops chosen below. Lunch is provided on the day.

Please see workshop descriptions below

INT – I am confident with inverts and leg hangs. I am working on Aerial Inverts
ADV – I am confident with Static V/Ayeshas and Handsprings
PRO – I compete at a professional level or advanced instructors with many years



Duo Trapeze Beginner

Great cross training for pole doubles! Trapeze moves with base and flyer – for people with limited Aerial experience.

Duo Lyra Beginner

Base/flyer moves as well as pretty symmetrical shapes. People with limited Aerial experience welcome.

Duo Lyra Intermediate

Counter balance, base-flyer and symmetrical moves. You must be able to do a minimum of three dead hang (strict) pull ups/chin ups in order to enroll in this class.

Duo Pole Beginner/Intermediate

Simple base/flyer moves on the pole as well as some Acro transitions onto, off and around the pole.

Duo Pole Advanced

Signature Suzie and Toby Acro-Pole skills! Base-flyer tricks on the pole and Acro transitions on, off and around the pole. You must be a high level poler and be able to consistently hold a solid handspring in order to enroll in this class.


Professionally Polished POLE (advanced)

This workshop is intended to focus on all the ways to perfect your movement. Feet, lines, hands, and everything in between. We will learn to condition and stretch to invert, transition, and create a combination with musicality. This class is designed with an emphasis on what judges are looking for of how to take your performance to professional. Hold on tight and fly higher!

Grace in Transitions POLE (intermediate-advanced)

From one move to another shouldn’t be rushed unless intended dynamic. It should be acknowledged as a move all on it’s own. Slow down, flow it up. Change speeds, maintain control. We focus on thinking patterns of the mind and allowing ourselves to be present in our movement. You will learn new ways in and out of old moves and the importance of balancing your transition moves to allow freedom in your flow.

Smooth, Slow, Sexy POLE (all levels)

From floor work to the low pole, we cover all the flowy fundamentals. Learn a routine with creative movement that accentuates your femininity. Let your hair down, be playful and sensual at the same time. We will focus on ways to alter things to fit your body and style while engaging what feels natural. Let go and move. Feel the music.

AERIAL  Style (all levels)

Learn a routine created by Jenyne, just for you. This applies on any aerial apparatus. Then in the class we will add our own uniqueness to the moves and blend with moves you already know. The focus is to create new ways of holding and transitioning. Try to draw attention away from the prep work and highlight the important skills while putting character on display.

STAGE Performance (all levels)

Create your character. Get out of your character. Learn what it takes to create an act from start to finish. Whether it’s in dance, theatre, circus, or sport, you can apply performance skills to your plate. Step up the the plate. Challenge yourself to be something else. Have fun! Here you will try unique ways to address movement and individualise each of your senses. Apply yourself and be free to explore something new.



Learn floor work flow, moves, combinations and transitions. Put everything together in a killer routine.

Sexy Styles:

A sexy and fun heels pole dance choreography style class. Works on dance, flow, transitions on the pole and on the floor. All levels.



This workshop is all about SLAYing the dance. Learn one of Carlie’s fierce Hunter style exotic

choreography’s and focus on heels technique, pole and floor transitions and feeling fierce AF

Pre- requisites: All levels.


Learn Carlie’s Signature Tricks. You’ll learn her newest tricks, transitions and spins straight from performances, competitions and Instagram! We will even chuck in some old favourites too. Filled with a bunch of Carlie’s own combo’s and creations you will have the opportunity to learn the tricks and techniques straight from the creator. Static or Spin.

Pre- requisites: Must be comfortable and safe with inverts, shoulder mounts and both leg hangs.


Have you ever wanted to feel like you are creating seamless movement around the pole? Available for either static or spin, this workshop is all about getting in touch with your pole flow. We will create a series of small combinations and have you focused on adding a dance quality to your pole movement. Extend lines, create new shapes, pimp your climbs snd take your combinations to that next level of movement quality. A perfect workshop for learning new pole movements and making them into dance.



Basic tumbling/shapes/conditioning for beginners (and skill development)

Intermediate tumbling (cartwheels/round offs/handstands/etc)

Advanced tumbling (saults/flips/etc)


While very few of us can sit on our heads and live to tell the tale, the ancient art of contortion has many important lessons every pole dancer should know. Contortion teaches patience, mindfulness and result-orientated practice. Take a deep breath, have an open mind and watch your body achieve things, you once thought were impossible.

Contortion for beginners

In the Beginner Workshop we will work towards illusion skills, i.e. positions and tricks that look flexible but are actually achievable for most adults with the right technique and practice time. These skills are easily transferable to pole and aerial apparatuses, and also make any floor work sequence just a little bit more exciting. These skills are also designed to improve your overall flexibility level, targeting leg, back and shoulder muscles every time you practice!

Next Level Contortion (Intermediate+)

Following an extensive warm up, we will work towards advanced skills such as needle scales, chin stands and scorpions. Advanced split tricks will also be covered, that require active flexibility as well as stability. Students who can front split, push up into a bridge and hold assisted handstands are welcome to join this workshop.

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